The SharkApril 5th, 2012 by Me

To have a life so well honed down
as a shark’s; where the merest whiff of blood
acts as a trigger to release one’s

non-thinking, totally instinctual,
predatory gifts. To be able to dismiss
thought; to get rid of one’s

psycho-babble, the white noise
of human species, and just exist. No Freud,
no Jung, no Melanie Klein; just

the pure line of a fin through salt.
To offload Shakespeare and unplug Bach; to have
never seen a Rembrandt, nor a Monet,

nor a Braque. To be one’s own work
of art, a one-man show, a performance piece, a word-
less monologue of cartilage and teeth.

With no beginning to be grateful
for, and no endings to fear.To be able just
to live; right now, right here.

(by some Gordon Meade)

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